Statistical Disclosure Control for Microdata: A Practice Guide for sdcMicro

This is documentation and guidance for using sdcMicro from command-line. sdcMicro is an R package, which provides tools for Statistical Disclosure Control (SDC) for microdata, also known as microdata anonymization. We refer to Statistical Disclosure Control for Microdata: A Theory Guide. for an introduction to SDC for microdata with a complete overview of the theory as well as examples from practice.

Authors of this guide: Thijs Benschop and Matthew Welch, The World Bank

Acknowledgments: The authors thank Olivier Dupriez and Cathrine Machingauta (The World Bank) for their technical comments and inputs throughout the process.

Preferred citation of this guide: Benschop, T. and Welch, M. (n.d.) Statistical Disclosure Control for Microdata: A Practice Guide. Retrieved (insert date), from

The production of this guide was made possible through a World Bank Knowledge for Change II Grant: KCP II - A microdata dissemination challenge: Balancing data protection and data utility. Grant number: TF 015043, Project Number P094376. As well as from United Kingdom - DFID funding to the World Bank Multi-Donor Trust Fund - International Household Survey and Accelerated Data Program – TF071804/TF011722/TF0A7461.

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